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Here’s our top-secret recipe to successfully buy real estate in the City of San Francisco: Mix encyclopedic knowledge and feet on the street with a bona fide passion for the business — then work really hard and smart.




An eye for good property

Buying real estate intelligently in San Francisco requires an eye for good property and the ability to nail the price. But it all starts with understanding your requirements. We begin by developing a profile of your real estate preferences, and then focus on your lifestyle, wants, and desires. We keep all of this in mind while we’re viewing properties.


Encyclopedic knowledge of SF

With our feet on the street and an encyclopedic knowledge of San Francisco neighborhoods, we’ve matched hundreds of buyers with their dream homes. When we find a good match, we move quickly. We guide you through the entire process, navigating tough mortgage markets, and understanding real estate contracts.


With you every step of the way

Domicile Properties even publishes a quarterly list of local contractors and brings in specialists to uncover how much fixing a fixer-upper actually requires. It’s the type of insight you need to protect one of your biggest investments. Our insight and expertise are with you every step of the way.