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SF is No. 53

March 28th, 2011

Yep, San Francisco is the 53rd most searched market in the country for prospective home buyers.

The city’s median price had something to do with it – $625,000 last month, compared with the national median price of $199,000.

A 7.4 percent dip in San Francisco prices from the same time last year didn’t make the city that much more enticing, not when you can buy a place in Chicago, the No. 1 market, for a median price of $220,000, according to figures released Thursday by

But things are looking up a bit in the city by the bay. The median number of days for houses on the market was 87, a 15 percent improvement over the same time last year and way better than the 164 days nationally.

And while San Jose’s median home price, $450,000, was significantly less than San Francisco’s, more people were looking to buy here, rather than there, according to the rankings.

On the other hand, Oakland, ranked No. 28, appeared to be a more attractive proposition at a median price of $315,000.

Neither did we beat L.A. As relatively expensive as Los Angeles was in February – median price, $345,000 – it was the third most searched city, just behind rapidly depopulating Detroit ($99,000), the only one of 146 metro areas listed with a median price under $100,000.

- from Chronicle Business Section March 25, 2011




Hey kids! The wait is over… SFUSD kindergarten placements mailed out.

March 21st, 2011

For months, parents of kindergarten children have had their calendars marked for March 18th.  That’s the day the district mailed out assignments for the nearly 5,000 applicants.  It’s the first year of the new placement system that SFUSD officially approved last fall and the statistics are interesting:

Number of kindergarten applicants:  4,930

Number of those applicants who chose their neighborhood school as their #1 choice:  1,127 (23%)

Percentage of students who received one of their top three choices:  75%

Number of applicants who had Clarendon Elementary as one of their choices: 1,700

Number of kindergarten spaces at Clarendon:  88

Number of those spots already reserved for children of siblings already enrolled:  About 44

Check out more info in this article .

Banks Doing Bad Things – Again!

March 14th, 2011

States attorneys generals have proposed a settlement with the mortgage servicing industry . Republicans and the mortgage industry consider the settlement proposal a “shakedown.” Banks claim that the money the attorneys general is requiring them to allot to mortgage modification is “extortion.” They also warn that any action at all against them would place economic recovery at risk. In other words, don’t mess with our profit margin and if you do, we’ll make you pay. Banks would rather foreclose than modify loans because they make more money with various foreclosure fees. Please read the article and I hope it makes you appropriately angry.

Big Box vs. Custom Made Furniture: The price difference isn’t as big as you may think.

March 8th, 2011

As many of you know the whole Domicile Team is obsessed with houses, architecture and design. And, we know that many of you are as well. There always seems to always be at least one member of our team who is remodeling or redecorating!

Buying the right furniture is difficult because what we really like and want is too expensive and sadly, everything else tends to look alike. Sometimes it feels as if every home in San Francisco is 20% Crate and Barrel, 20% Design Without Reach, 20% Room and Board, 20% CB2 with a little Ikea thrown in. The frustrating thing is that these familiar brand names are not cheap. The reason we buy them is that they do,for the most part, provide our homes with a good looking, easy and safe sense of style. But, we have found in our journeys that custom made furniture is often cheaper than the brand name furniture we are familiar with. A custom piece can change the feel to an entire room. Sometimes it’s good to mix and match the custom piece with the Ikea pieces. I would bet that a custom bed frame or table etc will be in your family forever and not end up at Good Will after several years of usage.