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There’s a lot to love about the Sunset, not the least of which is its enormous size and diversity. It’s the kind of place that offers a view into the history of San Francisco as well as the cutting edge. But no matter where you look, you’re likely to run into fog, because the Sunset borders the chilly ocean and is socked in a good bit of the time.

Some of the hippest residents of San Francisco call the Inner Sunset home. It’s a mix of students, professionals and long-time residents, with USCF Medical Center providing an anchor to the district in a 27-building campus.

Many lovely, Edwardian and mid-century homes with some of the most spectacular views in the City are near the campus in Golden Gate Heights. If you work at UCSF, don’t forget to check out the housing that’s one district over in Cole Valley/Parnassus Heights, nestled above and behind the hospital.

Regardless, it’s all a short walk to 9th & Irving Street, where you can find an amazing selection of restaurants, bars and stores that offer everything you can think of, from coffee to sushi to microbrews. One of the City’s best supermarkets, Andronico’s, is a few blocks down. The Inner Sunset has a little bit of a small-town feel; you get the sense that the neighbors know each other here.

Keep going west, and you’re headed straight through the Central Sunset on your way to the Outer Sunset. The Central Sunset is comprised of mostly single-family tract-type stucco houses, some with dramatic ocean views. Keep in mind that these homes were primarily developed in the 1940s-1950s, so they’re solid homes that are built to last.

The Outer Sunset is mostly all about access to the beach. Surfers abound, along with the businesses that support them. The houses look a lot like the homes in the Central Sunset, but as you draw closer to the ocean you may notice an absence of trees. That’s because the Outer Sunset and its neighboring Parkside neighborhood used to be largely desert — literally; the area was entirely covered by sand dunes. But there is an oasis of green, and that’s Sunset Boulevard, a main drag that parallels 19th Avenue that is heavy with trees and vegetation.

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1200 9th Avenue

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1326 9th Ave


Huge, diverse and foggy — something for everyone is in the Sunset.