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Waste Line, not Waistline

January 24th, 2012

Don’t worry we’re not going to discuss your waistline. The other waste line is probably, in the long run, not as important as your waistline but is something worth paying attention to.

A good real estate agent in San Francisco will make sure that, before you buy a home, a property inspection and a Structural Pest Control inspection, if needed, are performed. These inspections really give buyers detailed insight into the quality and potential issues of the home that they are gearing up to buy. Every home is going to have minor issues that will be identified in a good inspection but the real value in these inspections is the identification of the “big ticket” items that will need to be addressed at some point. Big-ticket items typically include roof, foundation, wiring, internal plumbing and retaining wall problems. But, what’s not covered by either inspection is the state of the waste line.

Waste lines run under the sidewalk in front of the property and can only be accessed through the clean out (that little square grate you usually see in the sidewalk in front of your house) by a specific type of mobile camera. The camera is actually run through the length of the waste line and is viewed by the technician on a small computer screen.

Many waste lines in San Francisco are 75 or more years old. These lines are composed of clay and are subject to root intrusion from nearby trees, settlement, and joint separation. The bottom line is that, unless otherwise indicated, assume that the waste line is original and needs to be inspected.

These inspections range in price between $125-$325. We have several companies to recommend. The cost of replacing a waste line typically ranges between $4,000-$10,000.

Here’s the bonus… both of these companies provide “dirty movies” to go along with the inspections. (You get a DVD of the camera inspection of your sewer line!).

So, while your waistline may be indicative of your own health, your waste line is an integral part of your home’s health.