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Before & After: The Power of Good “Vision”

June 10th, 2012

One of our strengths as an agency is the capability to visualize every home’s potential. A simple remodel, paint job or design tweak can make a huge difference in a home’s ambiance – not to mention its perceived value. Our expertise will help you assess the potential each home has and estimate the true cost to getting your dream house (or kitchen, or bathroom).

When we act as listing agents, we also use this skill to stage the home in a modern, neutral fashion so potential buyers can envision themselves living there. We want the home to show its absolute best so visitors can see its potential. We’ve captured some before/after photos that do a great job conveying the power of good “vision.” (We’ll admit – using a good camera with a wide-angle lens gives the “After” photos that much more of a punch!)

719 Castro Street

Living Room
The original architectural details in this Painted Lady were very much intact and quite appealing. The original Douglas-fir floors were in good shape and added to the overall elegance. We highlighted these features with a fresh contemporary paint palette and a new timeless light fixture. These improvements helped potential buyers experience the power of combining Victorian architecture with a modern aesthetic.



Kitchen/Dining/Sitting Area:
This area had all the ingredients for creating the ideal great room. It was open, spacious and light-filled. In order to maximize the space with we continued with the light gray walls, super white trim and added a large, eye-catching, modern table fashioned from airplane metal. Again, we took the opportunity to showcase the beauty of a modern sensibility coupled with old world charm. White couches, a natural wood coffee table and light gray walls enhanced the sunroom’s light and airiness.



Double Parlor:
We transformed the traditional Victorian double parlor into a master suite with a bedroom and sitting area. Removing the curtains allowed the sun into the room, brightening and freshening the ambiance.


Guest Bedroom:
We changed the light fixtures and added a headboard to make the bed feel more regal and substantial. Adding a mirror opened up the space, and the cool, neutral wall color is calming – perfect for a bedroom!


3rd Bedroom:
Formerly used as a workout room, this would be perfect as a nursery or child’s bedroom. We re-vamped the furniture accordingly. With just one window in the room, enhancing the natural light was imperative. Fresh paint helped the room feel airy while still maintaining architectural interest.