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Before & After: The Power of Good “Vision”

April 26th, 2012

One of our strengths as an agency is the capability to visualize every home’s potential. A simple remodel, paint job or design tweak can make a huge difference in a home’s ambiance (not to mention its perceived value). We help our clients understand what design changes (simple or complex) can be made to create their ideal home. Our expertise will help you assess the potential each home has (or doesn’t have) and estimate the true cost to getting your dream house (or kitchen, or bathroom).

When we work as listing agents, we use this skill to stage the home in a modern, stylish, and authentic way so potential buyers can envision themselves living there. We want the home to show its absolute best so buyers can see its potential. We’ve captured some before/after photos that do a great job conveying the power of good “vision.” (We’ll admit – using a good camera with a wide-angle lens gives the “After” photos that much more of a punch!)

Style is cyclical and fortunately the white cabinets and white counters that were installed in 1982 have come back around in 2012. While we would choose a different white material now, these counters were in good shape. In order to make the cabinets pop we painted them a super white semi-gloss. Light gray kitchen walls really tied together the newly painted cabinets, tidy white counters and original Mexican tile floors and completed the fresh, contemporary feel that we wanted to create. It was not our goal to hide the need for some modern cosmetic upgrades but to mitigate the need for a potential buyer to have engage in a remodel project right away. We did change out the stove because it was very worn.

Dining area:
We painted the dark green wall a deep charcoal gray, which lent a more formal and modern edge to the dining area and also segued and complimented the light gray color of the kitchen walls. The solarium windows in the dining area flooded the dining room with natural light and we wanted to take advantage of that light. So we changed the dining table to light wood, Bertolli and white leather chairs and switched out to a more narrow side table to lend spaciousness to the area.

Master bedroom:
Changing out the carpet would have been too costly, so we changed the color of walls to mitigate the purple hue of the carpet. We painted the walls a cement color that really played up the beautiful plantation shutters. The cement color on the walls brought out the neutral tones in the carpet, which we felt was more compelling for a potential buyer.

Guest bedroom:
Our goal was to reinforce the modern, contemporary feel of the rest of the condo by painting this room a light blue/gray color. We also wanted to reprioritize the room from office to guest room. To do this we added a queen size bed with side tables but kept a small discreet desk.

Living room:
We painted the walls to match the light gray in the kitchen, which really took advantage of the light and made a terrific contrast to the wood beamed cathedral ceilings. We selected furniture that was light, eclectic and minimalistic. The light gray walls also brought drama to the wood-burning fireplace.

We re-painted the bathrooms with colors that would add freshness to each.

The terrific and infinitely usable floor plan, cathedral ceilings, solarium windows, small deck, and wonderfully desirable neighborhood gave this condo a head start, but what attracted 300 potential buyers, 24 disclosure packages, 12 offers and a selling price $240,000 over asking was the vision and polish generated by a modern paint palette and thoughtful, creative staging.