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Andrew P.

I honestly cannot even begin to come up with the right words to describe what an incredibly great experience I’ve had with the Domicile team. That’s the thing…when you work with them you’re not just working with one realtor – you’re getting three outstanding team members who each bring their own unique and highly impressive talents to the table. 
After many months of bleary-eyed property searches on-line, I decided to connect with a realtor to kick-start a home purchase. I pretty much had some things in sight, but really needed help and professional guidance, especially as a first time buyer. I did my obligatory Yelp search and with all the positive reviews for Domicile and after scoping out their website, I gave them a call. 
Julie was my ‘hook’, so to speak. After a 40 minute phone conversation with her (late afternoon on a weekend I should add), I absolutely knew that I wanted these people to be my partners in this undertaking. 
I sit here now writing this review and feeling very thankful that I took that step with them. Before I met with them in person to get things in motion, I thought to myself, “well, certainly they must be busy and one or two of them will probably work with me”.
 Nope – ALL three were involved in one form or another every step of the way. Their individual personalities and strengths seem to compliment each the other – its like some fantastic ‘skillset & personality puzzle’ and all the pieces fit together perfectly. Okay, you want some words? Here are a few that I attest to: 















and very fun.

Patty, Julie and Shane all impressed me so much every step of the way. I loved Patty’s years of experience, knowledge, sage advice and almost psychic awareness of events as they were unfolding in the process of my purchase. Julie & Shane also seemed to have an uncanny ‘sense’ of things all along the way. They all really brought the kind of ‘realtor-home buyer’ relationship that I had hoped for and imagined in my head. If you need a realtor – do yourself a favor and just talk with them – you’ll end up with a true dream-team with Domicile.

Companies can still tout their own virtues, but client testimonials hold our collective feet to the fire. They kill off hyperbole. What you say about yourself had better match with what your clients say about you. We love our clients and, according to them, they love us!