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Up, Up, and Away…. Mission Dolores House on the Move!

February 21st, 2012

The project involving the old parish building at the corner of Dolores and 15th looks to finally be on the move….  except it appears it’s the house that’s moving first?!

It’s been years since the lot where the old Baptist church once stood was sold along with the dilapidated old parish building (2002).  Since that time, developers have presented plans for a large condo complex with an underground parking structure.  The number of parking spaces was debated along with claims that the parish building was a historical building.  Then the parking issues were resolved and the developers agreed to incorporate the old structure into the plan (see below).

We drove by today and noticed that the old parish house is now up on crates and is adorned with signs for “Solares House Moving”.  So our question is — did the developers succeed in moving the house off the lot? Or are they scooting the house over to the property line to make room for the larger development that will be attached? Maybe they are just lifting the house to make way for a new foundation?  Perhaps the house is being moved off site while they build the parking garage underneath and then it will be set back down in place??!  Check out the photos below and let us know your thoughts on our Facebook page.

Below:  The original “First Southern Baptist Church” in 1953.  According to reports, the progressive Baptist church allegedly received a letter in 1993 from a member of the Aryan Brotherhood who disagreed with the church’s views.  The church was burned to the ground the next day by an arsonist.  Whether or not the two things are related or not seems to have never been made certain.

Below: Photos of the vacant lot and the building as it appeared for almost 10 years after the fire.  Signs at one time promised “Condos coming Fall 2010″.


Below: Plans that were distributed a couple years ago showing the parish house being preserved and the new complex sitting adjacent to the historical structure.

Below:  The house as it appears today, jacked up and ready for the house movers to do their thing, whatever that thing may be!