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Caricia C.

It’s just weeks after moving into a new house. I have a toddler and a full time job. So, it takes something truly amazing to make me want to write a yelp review instead of snuggle into bed. And, Domicile Properties is truly amazing. We found them through these Yelp reviews, so I guess we owe it to the Yelp community to add our 2-cents.

My partner Anthony and I are now first-time homeowners thanks to the incredible staff at Domicile. There was a point there when I forgot that Shane Ray and I weren’t best friends because we spoke everyday and he advised me on everything from the quality of hardwood floors to potential elementary schools for my daughter to how to manage mortgage finances. Patty and Julie, the super senior sages at Domicile, were available day and night, week days and week nights. As newbies to this experience, we really needed experienced and professional people to help us through the process, literally educating us on every aspect of real estate. From the moment that we met them, we knew that this team was far beyond the type of real estate agents that might encourage you to buy a place that isn’t quite right. They are working for lifelong relationships, not sales. And… when we decide that we are ready to sell a home or friends/family need a recommended agent, we will go back to Domicile. So, in the end, being really good at your job and leaving even the most cautious home buyer happy, is the best kind of business that you can have.

Companies can still tout their own virtues, but client testimonials hold our collective feet to the fire. They kill off hyperbole. What you say about yourself had better match with what your clients say about you. We love our clients and, according to them, they love us!