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Frank S.

I just bought myself a house in San Francisco and I still can’t quite believe it.  A few months back when I first started looking, I had no idea which realtor to use.  I hopped on various websites and frankly didn’t know whom to trust, whom to believe — it all looked like a bunch of false blah blah from people desperate for my money — and most of them frankly creeped me out and/or had really bad hair and capped teeth.  Full disclosure:  I work in marketing so I’m afraid I’m hyper-sensitive to marketers whose sales pitch is all they got.

I wanted an authentic real estate advisor who was over-the-top experienced in San Francisco (particularly in Upper Market) but also someone who was human and empathetic and nice, and who frankly has good taste (and isn’t going to show me a bunch of crap places that they pretend are great).

So I hopped on Yelp and discovered Domicile.  Talk about think different.  Every single Yelp review was passionate and personal and yet you could tell there was an extreme professionalism there, with Patty Rogers at the heart of that business.  So I drove over to Domicile and I met Patty, smart smart Patty.  We hit it off, and she taught me everything I needed to know about San Francisco real estate — and there is so friggin much you need to know — she shared her 33 years of SF real estate experience (she started in 1978) so that I could make the right personal decisions for myself (and there are a whole bunch of decisions).  She was my coach every step of the way.  But she coached me based on how she got to know me — she gave me advice knowing what would be important to me, not her.

And then I discovered Domicile is much more than Patty.  At Domicile, you have the amazing Julie Rogers (Patty’s partner) who provides a constructive counterpoint to Patty (a check-and-balancing thing) plus Julie has great aesthete; you also have insightful Shane Ray whose advice Patty and Julie trust implicitly (he is a third counterpoint); and you have buttoned-up Bobby Bryce (who keeps them and you organized, emailing you docusigns day or night, at your convenience, because he knows you have a job and a life while you’re doing this crazy house-buying thing).  Patty, Julie, and Shane become one integrated brain and advocate for you — three real-estate brains in one really — sometimes Patty will be there with you, other times it will be Julie or Shane.  Wasn’t sure how this model was going to work, but let me tell you, it works amazingly well.  And it makes you feel like you are being served in such a richer, deeper, more comprehensive way than if you just had one real estate agent representing you.

And when I say “served”, that is exactly what I mean.  Full service.  They found me an amazing mortgage broker who found me a great CPA.  They have strong relationships with insurance agents, contractors, handymen who all offer rates much much lower than I would have ever found on my own.  And they go out of their way to help, whatever the strange situation is — Shane went to Best Buy to buy me a new flat screen TV for the new house because the seller’s built-in flat screen died during the closing process.  It’s much more than a real estate agency; its a real estate concierge — and the most important service they provide is thought leadership customized to whatever your specific “dream house” is.  And when you find the place you like best, you should see them work the process and the seller and the seller’s agent.  So cool to watch people when they do something so well.

So use them.  Domicile.  Now.  While interest rates are this crazy low.


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