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Joe G.

One word that summarizes Julie and Patty Rogers of Domicile Properties – AWESOME!

Being a first time home buyer, I had a chance to get a discount on my closing costs by using a real estate agent within the relocation department of my employer. After choosing two that didn’t work out, I was wondering if my expectations were too high. I decided to forgo the discount and trust the yelp reviews and give Domicile a chance. When I met with Julie and Patty, I felt a bit war torn from the bad experiences I had with my former realtors. I explained that I was giving up my discount in order to find a realtor that was honest and had my best interest in mind. Not only did I find this with Julie and Patty, but I also found that my expectations were right on the mark.

After viewing a few properties with them, they showed me one that had everything on my wish list AND was within my budget. They were able to get me a viewing before the open house and I knew this was the one. Well, it seemed it was also the one for many other people. After the open house, we found ourselves in the unfortunate situation of multiple offers. Well let me tell you, Julie and Patty are pros! They put together an offer package that was so tight from the offer to the terms that in the end I got the property (and that was after multiple counters!) And, on top of it all, I did not pay a cent more than I had to. I really got the deal of the century! I owe it all to the professionalism, experience and business acumen of these two agents. It was worth giving up the few thousand dollars I would have saved on closing costs to find realtors who really had my best interests in mind and helped me make the best decision on the biggest investment of my life.

And, folks, these reviews are true when they say it doesn’t end after the sale. Julie is now helping me pick out my color scheme for the condo! I love them!

Companies can still tout their own virtues, but client testimonials hold our collective feet to the fire. They kill off hyperbole. What you say about yourself had better match with what your clients say about you. We love our clients and, according to them, they love us!