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John C.

Well I felt compelled to write about what a good job I think Patty and Shane are doing for me. But what can I add to 60 5-star reviews??

I am also a first-time buyer with probably a much lower budget than they are used to seeing. I have nothing to compare the shopping process to, since after speaking with a couple realtors, Patty was the only one I chose to work with. I really quickly found a place I loved and Patty and Shane have been incredible about managing the buying process. I feel like I’m the only client they have! Everyone knows what’s going on with my sale, regardless of who I talked to last about it, they check up on even the tiniest loose ends, and I get immediate responses to questions by email or phone, be it weekday, weekend, day, night or holiday.One thing that stuck out me: Shane called one day to talk about some concerns we had with the property and the possible need for an additional inspection. He was saying that he and Patty had been going round about whether to do it since it would cost $175 and might not be necessary. Of course, we went ahead to be safe. But I was really impressed that $175 struck them as worth thinking carefully about. It made me feel like they were really paying attention, and genuinely concerned about my purchase being the best for me.
These are sharp, organized, efficient, really highly skilled and experienced people. I would, along with apparently everyone else, highly recommend working with them.

Companies can still tout their own virtues, but client testimonials hold our collective feet to the fire. They kill off hyperbole. What you say about yourself had better match with what your clients say about you. We love our clients and, according to them, they love us!