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Eric S.

Buying a house in San Francisco is something like getting dropped into the middle of the Serengeti with instructions to go bag a wildebeest. Difficult, even in the best of times, and in the bad times, well, you end up wandering around in dazed circles and slowly die of thirst.

Having Patty and Julie on your side is like having a pair of trained cheetahs to help. They find a herd of wildebeests. They sniff out the best one. They chase it down. There’s a gruesome spectacle as they tear through disclosures and contractor’s reports. And in the end, there you are, with a wildebeest. The envy of your friends, the pride of your relatives, etc.

My advice: Don’t go wildebeest hunting without help. Domicile is honest, helpful, vigorous, seriously competent, and efficient-as-only-a-super-speedy-cat-can-be. You cannot do any better, and I would recommend them for all of your hunting needs.

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