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Andre T.

My wife and I consider ourselves very lucky to have worked with Domicile. We were first time buyers in this market and were half-crazed with the prospect of buying a home in San Francisco.

Our first meeting was in their office where they gave us a crash course on buying in SF: what we could get, what we should look for, what was worth looking at, and what we should avoid. The sheer amount of knowledge and experience was incredible. We left feeling so much better about what we were about to do. I remember remarking to my wife later “they sure do love their jobs”.

The lesson that began in their office continued each week as they put together tours for us. Each set of listings contained nuggets of information that helped us understand each property in comparison to others, as well as issues we’d have to consider if we did buy. Our feedback to them on what we thought about the properties helped shape the following week’s tour.

This cycle lasted off and on for about a year. They were always patient, never pushy, and always made us feel like we were searching for this place together. Even when we backed out of one property, they were just as disappointed as us in having to do it, but understood our reasons.

We could not be happier about our place. It has everything we wanted and is located in precisely the neighborhood we dreamed about. We would not have this home if it weren’t for Domicile Properties.

Companies can still tout their own virtues, but client testimonials hold our collective feet to the fire. They kill off hyperbole. What you say about yourself had better match with what your clients say about you. We love our clients and, according to them, they love us!