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Lain L.

There’s so much more to getting a home happily sold than a “for sale” sign. I remember well the day I steeled my trembling fingers to dial Domicile, a first time home seller in a very uncertain marketplace. From the moment I first opened my door to Julie and Patty all the way to the moment I closed it for the last time and handed the keys over to the new owners, I felt blessed to have “Team Domicile” in my corner.

Julie did a brilliant and artful job of helping me stage the house. For a moment there, it looked so nice that I didn’t want to move out! She referred me to a great decorating team that I really enjoyed working with. We just had a natural groove; the process I feared would be a just lot of work turned out to be a lot of fun.

Donna was my brisk cyberspace liaison, helping me figure out movers, haulers, web site stuff and random questions.

Finally, Patty’s nuanced, veteran wisdom and skillful negotiation got the deal structured and closed; in the heat of getting from offer to escrow, I was so relieved she had my back. She was brilliant as the closer!

I think the thing that stands out about Domicile is the way you aren’t just hiring one realtor; you are hiring a first rate TEAM of realtors. And I felt like I got to be their 5th Beatle; they welcomed my participation and feedback on staging, wording, and web presentation (unlike many realtors, this crew actually knows what the internet is and how to use it).

In San Francisco, pre-1906 houses like the one I sold aren’t just bits of wood and glass – they’re an irreplaceable part of standing city history belonging to the dwindling cadre of angels surviving the great earthquake, the great fire, and urban “renewal”. Domicile helped me complete my link in that chain in a way I am grateful for. If Yelp had more stars, I’d give it to ‘em.

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