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Nick S.

From beginning to end — and I just checked: from the very first appointment with Patty to the closing, the whole process took only 2 months and 7 days — Julie, Patty, and Ellie were fantastic!

First of all, I knew NOTHING about real estate in San Francisco — or anywhere else for that matter — and they were just so very patient with me, taking the time to explain all of the things that I didn’t understand. Second, I wasn’t even living in SF during the time that I decided to buy an apartment and they helped me manage the whole process when I was only in town every other weekend. Third, because Domicile is a small firm, you get to know both Patty and Julie, but also Ellie, who manages the office. I talked to all three at different times and not only were all knowledgeable about real estate generally, they were also all up on my specific case at any given time. It came to be that I could call and talk to any one of them and get an answer because they all worked so closely together. Finally, because of their years of experience they were able to give it to me straight (as it were) and play hardball with other agents, something that would have been beyond me.

The upshot: I find myself the owner of a lovely light-filled apartment so rich in character, so quintessentially San Francisco, that I can hardly believe it. In other words, I’m very happy and I have Ellie, Julie, and Patty to thank for it.

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